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Jewelry Care


We recommend using a polishing cloth or applying a mixture of mild soap, water, and baking soda to your silver jewelry with a soft brush. Pat dry after cleaning. Sterling silver tends to tarnish easily, depending on the natural oils of the wearer, so cleaning your jewelry often is the best way to keep its luster. Store your jewelry separately, in a dry place to protect it from moisture in the air, and from scratching against other jewelry pieces.


Like sterling silver, brass may tarnish, so it is best to keep it away from moisture and clean it often. We recommend utilizing the same techniques as above to clean brass jewelry- either with a polishing cloth, or a mixture of mild soap, water, and baking soda, applied with a soft brush. Always dry your brass jewelry after cleaning, and store it in a dry place, separate from your other jewelry. Depending on your skin, brass can leave green marks- this is not something to worry about, and does not indicate an allergy, unless it also causes itchiness and discomfort. To avoid green marks on the skin, remove your brass jewelry before showering or washing hands, and keep it away from oils or lotions.


Gold vermeil is a thick layer of gold plating over sterling silver. We use gold vermeil because it is the thickest plating option available, thereby ensuring the longevity of the finish on our plated items. All of our plated items are finished with an e-coat, which is a non-toxic finish that provides extra luster and protection for our gold vermeil pieces. To care for gold vermeil, we recommend wiping your item with a soft cloth. DO NOT use a polishing cloth- often times they are too abrasive for gold vermeil and can remove plating. We also recommend keeping gold vermeil away from moisture, lotions, and oils. Store your gold vermeil jewelry separately, in a dry place.